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A Newborn Child


A newborn child is a gift straight from heaven. It is a soul in a pure, innocent state of consciousness. A soul not yet awake to this world and yet the infant is dependent on it for nourishment and support. A great Angel hovers around a newborn to protect its first entry into the rough world of matter.


During this time an infant needs love just as much as food. It absorbs love and responds to it and cries for it desperately, because its soul comes from realms of love, grace, and abundant peace. It longs for those realms, as they seem to be fading away from its consciousness. The infant thirsts for the bliss and quietness that he still finds in sleep and during nursing.

An infant exudes the sweetness of the heavenly realms, the infinitely subtle warmth and beauty of these worlds. And sometimes we too can perceive it. When we hold an infant in our arms we may suddenly feel that marvelous sweetness and warmth flooding into us. We can feel that tenderness, that blessed feeling of wonder, of comfort, and love. We feel that high energy that IS, and somehow we know we are part of it, we are in it, we are it.

We are reminded of our true selves, of our true nature and destiny. Deep inside we long to feel like that infant again, because we know this is what we truly are – that sweetness, that vibrant life, that blessed peace.

And as the infant cries with the pains that come with adjusting to the body, with frustration, hunger, cold, and as it struggles with the fear of separation and loneliness that we human beings experience in this world, we reach out to the child with great compassion and love, the kind of love and compassion that come from the divine realms. Without realizing it, we become channels to the divine energies that sustain life in a million ways, and it feels wonderful. We feel Heavenly Grace filling our being. We are overflowing with love and inexpressible joy. We begin to truly perceive the Joy of the creative Life Force. A Joy that is abundant and free, a joy that is ever-renewed in countless ways. We are flying with a feeling of purpose and of destiny.

And as we devote ourselves in love to the countless needs of the infant, day after day, night after night, our strength is renewed, our dedication becomes more deeply rooted. We wonder at the innocence, the grace, and ebullience of our child. We are gently reminded of the sacred and awesome mystery of Life. We find it a privilege to devote ourselves to it.

A Newborn ChildLiliane Ritchie
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