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a Gift from the Infinite

By Liliane Aura Ritchie


Many wonder: “How can we really pray? How does it work?” Indeed, prayer is a mystery: Do we really know who we are addressing? Behind the word God is a vast ocean of mystery!

Our mystics and sages have sought to convey some of their awe and love toward the Infinite, Supreme, all-encompassing, eternal Presence. They have taught us that this ocean of mystery is also the loving, compassionate Presence of the Almighty One. They have sought to remind us that this Presence is silent, still, peaceful, gentle, yet it creates and sustains all our lives and the entire Universe at every moment!

This Presence transcends all creation; yet It keeps it all real and alive!

This Presence is beyond all which we can see or sense; yet It eternally plays Its melodies over the harp of our soul.

Who can tell the secret of prayer? What is this power that can manifest blessed outcomes in such a spontaneous, natural way, as with a child requesting food and love from father or mother?

How can we understand the mysteries behind the world of prayer?

What is this power that will restore health, heal relationships, bring peace and strength, open the gates of inspiration and sustenance? What is this power of intercession that brought the last two World Wars to an end? What is now preventing a nuclear holocaust? What caused the colossal communist regime in Russia to fall apart without violence in 1988? What is miraculously protecting the Holy Land of Israel every day in ways we have no comprehension of?


Without divine protection from the highest Source, mankind would soon destroy itself or make life simply unbearable. But there is help from Heaven because enough people are wholeheartedly reaching out for the divine Source of all kindness and Life, praying for protection and being kind to others.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is remembering we are not alone – Remembering there is a Power, a compassionate, all knowing Presence always here supporting our life at every moment,

Remembering we can ask for help, protection and guidance,

Asking for freedom from our fears,

Asking to be conscious of our immense potential, conscious of the infinite, loving kindness of the Presence of God.

Prayer is calling for the highest blessings for our world and all those who touch our lives, Realizing God is here to answer us,

Realizing God knows our needs even before we ask and is delighted when we ask for help, Realizing God’s overflowing desire to bless us, learning to open our minds to these blessings, Realizing God’s will for us is in accordance with a cosmic divine plan touching eternity.

Being grateful, knowing all our prayers are answered even when the answer is not always seen, not always the way we anticipated.

Prayer is remembering we are God’s children, Prayer is remembering our need for true joy, for mercy, for all good, Prayer helps us remember who we are in truth: precious souls from Infinite, blissful, loving Realms. Remembering our longing to express who we truly are.

Prayer is reaching out to the Presence of the Eternal One, our magnanimous loving companion and sustainer, gratefully watching our process of growth unfolding through this wonderful companionship. Prayer is surrendering all our hurts, fears, jealousies, disappointments, rage and sadness and placing them in the healing flow – from the Supreme Source, to be transmuted. Watching them being dissolved quietly, peacefully, as we let God take charge.

Prayer is:

Communing with the heart and soul longings of others,

Blessing them with all good from Heaven,

Being enfolded in grace, in serenity, realizing that this good is a gift inherent to us,

Sharing it with those we want to help and comfort.

Trusting that, this good is always here to be manifested.

Prayer is sensing the awesome Presence of the eternal, supreme One. This Presence surrounds and infuses us. It graces us and blesses us. This Presence is giving us life and ever renewed opportunities for experience and choice on the playground of planet earth that is created for us. Prayer is asking the awesome One to flow His healing influx through us,


Prayer is gratefully watching His secret patterns of perfection vibrating through every muscle and bone, gland and artery, nerve and cell and molecular structure of our physical frame

Prayer is feeling this awesome Presence breathing through us, beating our heart, playing its gentle pulsations of life through us.

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