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Invitation to Joy

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We are all invited to experience joy. We are meant to experience joy every day, intensely. Divine joy is waiting to pour into our awareness. Divine joy is waiting to be invited in. It sometimes comes bursting forth. Like children frolicking in a sunny playground, in the beauty of nature, joy dances in our heart. Perhaps we have experienced moments in our life when we feel light, we feel a bit inebriated, we love and forgive everyone, and we are in love with our surroundings. We walk in the streets laughing, we feel like dancers, moving freely, swiftly; blissfully grateful to be alive. The world is a wonderful place to be in.


We all yearn to find the secret of finding real joy. Joy comes from within. It is a state of being that has its source in our own innermost depths.  It is encoded in the DNA of our molecules. When we feel joy we often feel it tingling in the very cells of our body. Our entire body responds to it with well-being, with a new surge of energy. Our steps are light. Joy is the essence of our being. Therefore, we can trust that joy can spring forth from within us quite unexpectedly, quite abundantly, for no apparent reason to us. Joy is our natural state of being!  This is why it surfaces so easily at times for every silly reason.



One of the basic needs of most everyone, consciously or not, is to feel loved and to share love with others. When we are loving and genuinely caring for those we are counseling, we create much greater opportunities for healing, for insight, for willingness to choose a more constructive direction, a positive attitude, a creative approach to life’s situations. Let’s contemplate together the immense power of love.


Love from the infinite source of life gives us life.  It is creative Life.  It is waiting in the heart of our very being, waiting to manifest its magic and wonder in our consciousness.  This Love reigns supreme over all the invisible, vibrantly alive realms of the higher dimensions of creation. 

Love creates channels of communication when all else fails.  True Love unites human hearts with its blissful healing Force, beyond jealousy or possessiveness.  This divine love brings new sparkling energy to our body, mind and soul.  Love reconciles opposites.  It heals old hurts, disappointments and emotional wounds.  It turns us around. Love inspires us and lifts us to new heights of creativity.  Love exhilarates and opens wide the gates of Paradise, even as we are rooted here in this physical world.  Love can comfort and strengthen us every moment.


Our heart is beating with the irresistible drum beat of our yearning; our yearning to express Life’s beauty in Love.  This divine Love empowers us.  With it we can overcome the impossible.  With Love we can express the immensely precious qualities of kindness and compassion, acceptance and appreciation. In love we experience sheer delight, enthusiasm and exultation. Through love we grow and can express forgiveness, patience, perseverance, courage and devotion. Through love we manifest true friendship, trust, heart wisdom, joy and euphoric bliss.


When we persistently express true, compassionate, caring Love, the kind of Love connected to the Infinite source of life, we are bound to experience miracle after miracle with a sense of peace, harmony and well-being. These are miracles of perfect timing, of intuitive knowing, true vision, and higher wisdom, also miracles of divine intervention. Then our decisions turn out to be right, our actions successful, our steps firm, and our accomplishments enduring. 


Our perseverant attention on Love, reveals awesome truths. It allows us to tune in with the divine Source of creative power that seeks to support and inspire us always.  This loving attunement fills our life with magic and joyful wonder.  Eventually this Love allows us to accomplish things we never dreamed we could do.  We  can suddenly be filled with courage and daring, with initiative and inspiration.  Our mind expands and learns quickly.


Even just a few fleeting moments of giving or receiving kind attention will put a new sparkle into our everyday busy humdrums.  Love sprinkles shimmering stardust over everything that touches us.  Love opens our vision; it allows us to perceive how precious human beings are.  Love reveals to us that unique, eternal spark of Divine Light resting in the soul of each person, even when this spark is covered over with many layers.


We are so privileged to be able to choose Life, to choose to grow in strength and higher awareness whenever we want to.  Our knowing is our treasure house, our great gift, our sense of joy.


Love is the grand theme of Creation.  It is its substance.  It is its life. Our Kabbalists teach us that divine Love sustains every molecule, every planet, every star, every firmament, and gives them existence.


The infinite, eternal ocean of creative love…


New waves of powerful, transcendent light are now sweeping over our blessed planet. They have been called forth by the promptings of Divine love, called forth by the yearning souls of millions. Many of us are graced with new understanding – becoming aware, aware of this Divine healing love. We are awakening gently, gradually, spontaneously, with relief and sheer delight.


We can now learn to live with higher vision, with blissful trust, with ever renewed joy! It is possible; it is our ultimate destiny and reason to be. It is our irresistible calling. It is our awesome privilege.





It is time for us to choose the Light. We need to create an opening through the layers of our usual beliefs. We can especially rise above the fear of the great unknown. We need to behold some of the sun's radiant light through that opening - just a little light will reveal to us some of the awesome brightness of the sun and give us a hint of the vast heavens above us.


We can begin to trust that we can love and that we can be loved and that we can live in joy - every moment. That it is right and natural and easy. That it is the normal way for human beings to be. We can trust in the love of the Divine Presence, this marvelous Presence sustaining the universe with its harmony and balance, with its surges of creative life, with its rhythms and pulsations, with its beauty and grace.


We can trust in the personal love of our Creator. We can trust in the special plan designed for each one of us. We can trust in the special vision for each of us that was and is dreamed by the Divine Dreamer, the vision that is real, that is true reality, the vision of our immense potential.


Oceans of love are waiting to be revealed to us, ever since we were created.








Faith is a seed planted in each human heart at birth. It is up to us to nurture it, to tend it and watch it grow. Feeling the wonderful quality of love: the way we feel when someone is dear and close to us. How joy and laughter appear spontaneously. How we sometimes can feel this new rush of life within, this comforting warmth, which brings us consciously or not to a perception of the sacredness of life, a flash of understanding of its beauty.


Beloved, Master of the Universe,


You seek to reach out to us; You yearn for us to receive the gift of faith. You present this gift to us, this inner knowing of Your reality, in a myriad of ways. You are waiting for us to behold it, to reach out for it, to accept it. This gift peers out at us from the heart of every blossom, speaking to us of the beauty, grace, softness, harmony, vibrancy and mystery of the life force - this Life that can spring forth such perfection effortlessly out of dirt, water, air, sunshine, and a seed.


The gift of faith majestically waits for us to look up at the sky wondering at the glorious power of our sun that shoots forth its awesome fiery light through eons of time. Faith silently waits for us to look at a starry sky to remind us of the mind-staggering vastness of Creation, filled with exuberant power, extraordinary wisdom, infinite abundance, perfect order, and lavish creativity.






What is this mysterious power that some of us have been privileged to tap into? This power has transformed our lives, as well as the lives of our loved ones. We human beings have access to more power than we could dream of.


Prayer could be described as the way we create around us a force-field of high intensity through our faith and yearning and desire and love.


All effective prayer rests on the quality of our love. Our love connects us to the Infinite Source of all Life. It connects us to its substance, its essence. When we truly love, we experience a spark of that divine essence. When we love divine wisdom, divine joy, divine kindness and mercy, we connect ourselves to the source of all power, all bliss, all love. Then we are able to help our loved ones through that love. We become one through the sacred link of universal love. We become one with the love of the Supreme One, and we become one with those we are praying for. We embrace them in that divine, healing, all powerful love.


Our love, prompted by our commitment to divine eternal true reality, to the beauty and harmony of wisdom, and this love will bring to our loved ones new lights of understanding and a new desire to experience that deep wisdom, to taste of its many fruits, its life-giving fruits.


Our spontaneous love for Creation is in itself a great power simply because of who we are, for we ourselves are a spark of the Divine. But when we pray for our loved ones and our love is consciously connected with the All-Mighty Creative Source, the Beloved Eternal One, it becomes immensely powerful.




Every cell of our body was created to tingle with vibrant, blissful life.

Our heart is the receptacle of love and is created to burst forth in joy with the fire of divine love.  Our heart sends forth the exuberant rushing flow of life through our bloodstream, nourishing and bringing new strength to every cell and fiber of our being.

The countless billions of neurons of our brain cells are the receptacle of divine spirit, created to radiate forth the fire of divine bliss, inspiration and creative thought through the myriad fibers of our nervous system, causing movement, initiative, action, energy, through our body, our thoughts, our feelings.

Our breath flows forth through our being, purifying, cleansing, reviving our blood stream, bringing life from the atmosphere, and blessing our brain cells with a sense of aliveness and peace.

All our faculties dance together as one human being, a sacred being of inspiration and fire – a magnificent creation of divine genius, a wondrous receptacle of the miracle of life, a unique creation, precious beyond comprehension.

We are that creation.  It is our privilege, our destiny, our calling, to choose to be who we are created to be – vibrant, blissfully alive.






The Master of the Universe wishes to communicate with us through our faculty of our intuition. This is the language through which He can really talk to us. We can attune to it, get used to it. We can communicate in this divine language of thought energies, this flow of blissful feelings, this flow of images flashing by like quicksilver, this profound inner knowing - this experience of being.


In the depths of our inner being we know that our awesome, eternal Creator exists, that He is here, that our lives are in His hands. When we are really open, unafraid and willing to receive and understand, this deep inner knowing begins to manifest in our thoughts and ideas. It is a natural state of being. We see this in many people who have preserved that state from their childhood; simple, uncomplicated people. That basic inner knowing can remain with us when we chose to strengthen this awareness and are willing to live by it.


The designs of our Infinite Creator are so vast. He plans for us glory and abundance, bliss eternal, love abounding, and infinite beauty.


Let's see - how do we connect with our intuitive sense?  There are a few simple, practical ways.  We can still our mind, focus on relaxing our body, choose to be quiet in peaceful surroundings and persevere in remaining as still as we can. We can practice deep breathing and visualization exercises. These are effective approaches that work magically, as well as soft music, exercise, dancing, and reading uplifting spiritual teachings.


We can still our minds. We can choose to persevere in quietness. We can go much deeper in our search, in our dedication to true Reality. We can focus more on the true essence, the true nature of the Master of Creation. This can manifest within us in blissful flashes of perception. We can see His miracles, His gifts wrapped in robes of light. We can feel His peace, His guidance. We can hear His voice, we can receive a taste of His blessings, His loving kindness. Our minds can be flooded with the beauty and grace of His presence.


How do we connect with our intuition? If nothing else works, we can pour out our heart to the Divine Presence. We can tell this Presence all our difficulties, our yearnings, our temptations, confusions, weaknesses, strivings, plans, hopes, desires, and dreams. If we just stay open and receptive, these answers will appear in our mind. They are simple, practical, encouraging, and loving.



The Master of Creation is waiting for us to speak to Him.  With practice, this trusting way to communicate becomes natural and easy and essential in our lives. And then, barely have we spoken and shared our troubles with Him -  already the answers come tumbling in, clear and obvious and comforting, strengthened with deep inner conviction. We are so grateful to Him for the answers, and they can appear at the tip of our tongue, at the tip of our pen.


WE are being guided through life.  The Master of Creation is waiting for us to be willing to be His open channel for His answers, for His words, for His light... When we can make ourselves free of empty thoughts, of silly trifles, of useless worries and judgments, then we can love Him, rest in Him, create with Him, eat and sleep and play with Him in our heart, our mind and our innermost being.






How can we understand the nature of our soul?  I couldn’t.  But through a grateful prayer we can receive a few glimpses of who we are in truth.


Beloved Master of Creation, You gave me my soul, Your loving gift. The real me is part of You. It is created from Your pure essence, Your pure being; gifted with Your faculties of love, intelligence, radiance, self-initiative, wisdom, blissful awareness and much more.


You created our beautiful planet and solar system so that we might unfold our evolution in this physical existence. You placed us here to be Your messengers.  Your ambassadors of goodwill, Your free agents.  We are here to merge the light of our divine soul with this earth, so that we may bring heaven on earth.  We are here to bring love where there is anger and hatred, comfort where there is pain, wisdom where there is fear and confusion, joy and blissful awareness where there is despair.

Our divine soul is here to reveal Your light, to illumine our consciousness with Your wisdom and truth, to express Your beauty, to guide our actions, to reveal the goodness of Your Presence everywhere, at all times. 

Our divine soul is here prompting us to allow the flow of Your currents of life to flow through us, causing us to become a channel of Your life into our world - like a powerful brilliant shaft of light from the highest source pouring down through us and deep into the earth, blessing it, blessing it... blessing all creation. This powerful beam of light pours down into us, vibrates from within and radiates from us.  It is expressed as strength and joy, healing comfort, love, friendship and kindness, clarity, wisdom, trust, deep inner knowing and much more.

You created us in Your image, we are bound for Your immensities of love and for an eternity of joy, beyond our imagination. You are all goodness, abounding in loving-kindness, in grace, in mercy and in truth.

Master of Creation, sooner or later we will be able to understand this. You give us plenty of chances to begin again. Thank you for each day, each moment, each new opportunity for learning, growing, getting stronger, tasting new wisdom, choosing love, expressing gratitude and joy.

Your plan for us is so vast, filled with awesome potential.  As we remain connected with You in love, life becomes a great adventure, filled with the joy of discovery, the passion of creativity, and fulfillment in deeds of kindness.  Each of us has a special, unique destiny to fulfill; each of us is an essential part in the great tapestry of life.

You created the Universe through the power of Your love.  You are the One inspiring the love in every mother and father's heart.  Like a most loving parent, You plan greatness and happiness for us.   You treasure us.  You cherish our individual uniqueness and You wait for us to wake up to our magnificent destiny and calling, each of us in our own way. You are waiting for us to perceive Your divine light, to honor Your voice and trust in its unfailing wisdom, to listen to its whispers and quiet guidance. You are waiting for us to follow its prompting, so as to make our paths easier and filled with light and joy, illumined with a wonderful sense of direction, of purpose, of peace.






We live in wonderful times blessed with helpful, exciting new information available to us, in most every field of knowledge.  And immensely more beneficial and precious to us is our access to wider and more encompassing information in the realms of our soul and spirit.  We are blessed with the teachings and writings available to us from great saintly souls, sages and masters of loving kindness from our times and from all the centuries of our past.  Their most unanimous urgent plea, at the core of their teachings and example was for the cause of love – love of our Supreme Creator, love of our fellow man, love of wisdom and kindness and virtue, love of all the blessings of life, love of the beauty of Creation, love of our immense potential.


We have no idea how fortunate we are. Great souls, masterful souls and sages have revealed an awesome secret to every soul willing to comprehend and accept their truths. They told us again and again that we belong to the most awesome Eternal Being in the universe, our Creator; reminded that our inner being is created in the very image of this All-Powerful Creator, and that we can actually communicate with this intelligent, creative, Power of Life, this infinite all-knowing Source of love, wisdom, strength, bliss, exultation…


We can communicate with our Creator in the ways that are most familiar to us – for He loves us and wants to put us at ease.  We can speak to our Creator as to a loving friend, parent, teacher, guide, or loved one.


Beloved Master of the Universe,

You are the One who created the joyful bonds of friendship.  You are waiting for me to choose to be Your own best friend. 

You are the One who inspires the unconditional love and devotion in mothers.  You are my most loving, dedicated Mother, yearning for me to address You like a child does, in complete trust, resting in Your arms of tenderness, safety and peace. 

You are the Eternal Father, the Source of strength in loving fathers.  You are committed forever to my welfare, to my wellbeing, growth and success.  You are eagerly waiting to grant Your magnificent inheritance to me when I grow up.

You are the One who is patient with me forever, through all my failings and mistakes, waiting for me to express in my life this patience that conquers all obstacles. 

You are the One who is All-Powerful and Creative.  You are longing to see me be willing to become a pure channel for Your all-healing and creative power.

You are the One who is filling the infinite heavens with glorious joy, with delight, rapture, exultation and bliss.  You are planning to crown me with the fire of this bliss and heal my heart with infinite joy.

You are the One who is the Master of the Universe.  You are silently waiting for me to open my eyes to the majesty, the splendor and glory You want to share with me and every soul when we commune with You.

You are the One who created the life-giving power of love.  You cherish, protect and care for me always.  You are waiting for me to taste of Your infinite love for me and to reflect this love on all the people in my life in true friendships, compassion, devotion, generosity and kindness.






What does it mean, blessing with love?


Blessing with love means tuning into the ever compassionate magnanimous will of our cosmic eternal Creator.  It is embracing that will, lovingly holding that will in our heart, expressing it, and becoming a messenger for that will so that it may manifest in the lives of those we bless.


This is the way we were created to be.  We are meant to be co-creators in this world.  We are given the merit of this wondrous process of creativity. 


We are all created to bless each other.  It is our calling.  We are created to be a channel of divine blessings.  We are meant to bless our Creator, our loved ones, other people, our earth itself and all that touches us.  A child can do it.  As much as we may find ourselves unworthy to do this, we can still trust that blessing with love is tuning in with the will of the Master of Creation for each of us, and communicating it to others.  It is just the right thing to do.


On deep inner levels, we human beings are all connected together through the subtle and mysterious invisible bonds of our thoughts and feelings.  The most powerful bonds between us are those of love, a love that heals and restores.


We are all meant to live in harmony and loving support with each other.  It heals us.  One beautiful way to bring about this reality is to know the power that has been given to us, namely the power to bless with love.


Many of us have great difficulty tuning in with the love and blessings that the Infinite One is constantly pouring down on us, giving us life.  Perhaps we don’t trust it, we don’t feel it, we don’t want to be fooled or maybe we feel we don’t deserve it.  We are imprisoned in the ignorance of our physical human condition.  We walk around in a world of illusions that seems very real to us.  We ignore all the miracles that surround us.  Yet we are basically profoundly yearning to give and receive real Love, a Love that heals us and gives us safety, peace and joy. 



Why not try and experiment with blessing with love?

You can bless silently, persistently, without anyone even knowing about it.  Countless people have done this before and have been amazed at the results!  Many books have been published about the extraordinary effects of loving blessings that changed other people’s attitudes, their health, their situations, their experiences.


The people you are quietly blessing will unconsciously sense it.  Even if their attitude toward you is negative, it will change.  Sooner or later their thoughts will be softened.  Suddenly they may even reach out to you for no seeming reason!  They will be open to your quests, to your teachings, to your wishes, to your love.  They may truly love you back more and more.  We are all linked together through our soul connections and the quickest way to manifest new bonds of love is through blessing with love.

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