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Connecting with Divine Guidance

By Liliane Aura Ritchie

Here is a simple exercise that can transform your life!


Years ago I took a class from a wonderful, inspiring woman by the name of Janet Levy.  She was an exceptional speaker who taught the art of creating a full, confident and joyful life for ourselves.

Among other teachings, she offered a remarkable formula that she urged us to use in order to resolve the many challenges we face in our life and the lives of others.

“This formula will open doors to your intuitive knowing,” she declared, “It will bring you harmony, inner strength and direction.  To practice it you need to trust and go beyond your doubts and inner resistances.  It is amazingly simple.  Yet it can open doors you never dreamed of.”


We all wanted to know: What is this formula?

“First, take a pen in hand and a sheet of paper,” she told us. “Now write a letter addressed to God. This is a letter of grateful appreciation.  Better yet, let it be a love letter.”

When we first heard this, there was a chorus of objections.  “What am I supposed to say?” “I don’t like to write.” “I’ll sound stupid.”  “What do we do with it?  Take it to the post office? ”


“I promise you, God won’t laugh at you!” she said with a smile of complete confidence. “When you write a letter to God, you are walking right past your negative pride and your self-doubts, your fears, and your reservations.  You can pour out your heart as you would to a very best friend or as to the ideal father.  Perhaps the ideal one you wished you would have had.  Unload all your problems and worries, all your fears, disappointments, grudges, heartbreaks and all your shortcomings.  Place your hopes and dreams in His loving attention.  Ask for help in developing trust in His eternal compassion and power to free you.

“After you ask, stay still and wait for the answers.  When you open your heart and listen, God’s own understanding will appear in your mind and flow spontaneously.  Clear directions and loving support will be there for you.  These instructions are immensely valuable to you. And remember to write down these precious insights before you forget them.”

Like everyone else, I was resistant to take pen in hand and write this letter. But I tried it, I wrote my letter to God.

And the experience surprised me.

Soon I had a flow of ideas and practical answers for my life’s situations, written there in black and white on my sheet of paper, accompanied with a sense of inner certainty, harmony and peace.

Words began to flow effortlessly, glowing with healing energy and confidence, I felt reassured and deeply moved.  Here was a level of communication with God that felt natural and easy.  I could pour out all my feelings and questions and, lo and behold, there was a response!

The more I addressed the Beloved, Infinite One and kept listening for the answers and writing them down, the more I was flooded with warmth, comfort and clarity. 

As it is for most of us, these subtle inspirations can come and go like the wind.  Our mind is so restless.  When we are privileged with moments of deep, prayerful intent, inner focus and inspiration, we are gradually lifted into a place of peace that is there waiting for us to access.

Try writing your letter to God, and see what happens. 

From the book “Answers from Above” by Liliane Ritchie

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