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Liliane Aura Ritchie:

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My passionate desire in creating these books and paintings is to bring you Joy, with magic and wonder, as you take a journey into Worlds of Light, where you can discover healing and empowering higher realities. 

Ever since my early childhood, I was aware of these heavenly realities that conveyed to me a sense of always being safe and protected, with grace and kindness. In great wonder I would marvel at the sacred beauty and goodness of this awesome universe that was peering at me from every blossom, every landscape, waterway, sky, sunrise and sunsets…

It was my immense blessing to be raised by loving parents in the magnificent hill country of the French part of Switzerland.

Later on I was most fortunate to bond with holy teachers, masters in loving kindness, who confirmed and strengthened my inner knowing. I was so uplifted by their example that ever since then I was able to put my glowing awareness into action as a loving mother and wife, friend and counselor, as well as a creative artist and writer.

As I was painting, and writing these books, images, words and ideas would emerge and flow forth, bringing me a glowing sense of purpose. There was this immense joy of being able to communicate transcendent messages through the wonderful means of imagery, colors, symbols, and a story. Now I know why I felt impelled to play with my paint brushes and colors. It was to bring you this gift you are looking at now.

Our soul has infinite depths to be unfolded and explored. My heartfelt prayer is that you may enjoy receiving the profound meaning conveyed behind these images and words. May you discover realities worth exploring, for they will bring you a sense of trust, confidence and loving purpose. They can open doors to blissful joy and to your immense potential.

Liliane Aura.




I was very comfortable in Zurich, working as a French – English secretary for a multi-millionaire who owned the Bally Shoes company. He liked me very much. Being a dreamer, and always giving everybody the benefit of the doubt, I wasn’t aware of the growing jealousy of some of the staff.


One day, when the owner was away for a day or two, I was fired from my position, and asked to leave immediately.


I wasn’t angry. I went to sit by the lake shore. The sun was glittering its beautiful light on the waves. I prayed. And suddenly, I realized, “What in the world was I doing sitting all day long working behind a desk, when here we are in a gorgeous time in June, when the world is shining with possibilities? I am 22 years old, and I need to explore the beauty of this world!”


On the spot, I decided to travel to my native city of Geneva, and 2 days later – I met my beloved Joshua! We are now blessed with 5 wonderful children. And we have been  privileged over the years to connect in deep friendship with great masters of wisdom and loving-kindness. We have lived “happily ever after” since then.

Liliane Aura Ritchie

is a multimedia artist, happily married for several decades, mother of 5 and the author of "Masters and Miracles", "Answers from Above", and "A Gift of Love".

She has touched thousands of lives through her writings, teachings and paintings.

She communicates messages of faith and wisdom, expressing them in simple, clear and gentle ways. She shows us how to experience more love, trust, and a feeling of being ever supported by Higher Realms.


Aura Liliane’s books, "Masters and Miracles", "Answers from Above: Connecting with Divine Guidance" and "A Gift of Love", can be purchased at Amazon. Please click the links below.


Masters and Miracles


A Gift of love

Answers from Above: Connecting with Divine Guidance

Experiencing the Divine Presence

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