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How Can We Absorb Higher Soul Knowledge?

excerpt from

Liliane Aura Ritchie's book :

"Experiencing the Divine Presence"



How can we really understand all our loved ones?            

How can we really know the many other people in our lives?


How can we seek to reach out to them, to appreciate and really know them? This very much depends on our higher intuitive faculties, our Love coming from heart wisdom.  


However, in our present culture we are being taught to think rationally and to look at our world with the approach of scientific scrutiny.   We analyze, we rationalize.   We know a great deal of facts.  But we forget to ask:


“Why?” and “How?”   “Why were we created?   What is the answer to this mystery?  And how were we created?  How did we come into this world?  What are we here for?”

We have lost our sense of awe and wonder.


Let us look at a toddler.   Watch it being totally absorbed by each new object that comes within his range of vision. He is in awe  at  the   world   that   surrounds him:   feeling, tasting, handling, and completely focused in the moment.

Scientific researchers in human development have found that babies and young children absorb more information and learn faster and more thoroughly than at any other period in their lives. This speed of learning is even greater than during the time they are working on a PhD at the University.


Why is that so?  It is because the child is blessed with a sense of wonder. Because the child is open, trusting, receptive and focused, experiencing reality just the way it is, unhampered by judgments and preconceptions. The child is in awe.


In the very same way, our loving Creator, as well as all His messengers and guides from higher realms, wish to speak to us through our intuitive sense of wonder and awe.  This is the language through which they can talk to us.  We can attune to it, get used to it.


We can communicate in this divine language of blessed thought energies, this flow of blissful feelings, of images flashing by, this profound inner knowing – this experience of being, this wisdom of the heart.

In the depths of our inner being, most of us human beings know that God exists, that His Presence is here, and that our lives are dependent on Him.


When we are really open, yearning and willing to receive, this inner knowing begins to manifest in our thoughts and ideas. It is a natural state of being. We see this in many uneducated, simple people who have preserved that state from their childhood, because these are innocent, unsophisticated people. This very simple, inner knowing can remain with all of us, when we choose to strengthen this kind of awareness, and are willing to live by it.   This is the awareness that brings us to a state of gratefulness.  And the more gratefulness, the more joy alights in our heart. This Joy tastes so good. It is so healing to us.   Soon we realize that God’s designs for us are so vast, so beneficial.


What is our Creator’s Masterful plan?

We begin to sense and discover the Infinite One’s loving-kindness.  We can sense what His Plan is for each willing and receptive soul. This eternally compassionate Plan is here to manifest glory and abundance, bliss eternal, love abounding, pure beauty and infinite new possibilities. This experience is the most basic one. It was received by many loving, mystical souls in our world, through time. This is what they are yearning to share with us, so as to bring us comfort and peace. Before they were born in this physical world, they chose to come here, and now they are willing to endure great trials in order to reveal these blessings from Above to us.


In order to connect with all this intuitive soul knowing, we need to make a strong decision to release our restless distractions, to quiet our mind, to relax our body, to choose to be quiet in harmonious surroundings and to persevere in remaining as peaceful as we can.


We have so many tools available to help us reach this state. Such as of holy teachers, through their words, actions or examples and through the books written about them. We also can practice various teachings on the art of breathing, healing visualizations, exercise, inspiring teachings, meditation, soothing music, dancing, reading and absorbing uplifting spiritual wisdom. But mostly our best direct route is by sharing our thoughts and feelings with our Creator in our own unique way and then listening for His answers! These will wash away our fears and doubts. And since we quickly forget, most important is to write down these blessed insights and instructions as soon as they come to us. We will benefit every time we read them again later. * ~ * ~ *


Also you can begin by listing and writing down, if you wish, all the wondrous miracles that fill your life: the gifts of your mind, your body, your world and all its wonders, in nature, as well as all the special, creative, intelligent and wise people who bring light to your world, through time!

We can still our minds. We can choose to persevere in quietness. We can go much deeper in our search, in our dedication to true Reality. We can focus more on God's true essence; His true nature that manifests within us in blissful flashes of perception.  

Check out my book, Answers from Above, on this topic on! 


We can merge into the Presence of God. We can see His miracles, His gifts wrapped in robes of light. We can feel His peace, His guidance, we can sense His voice, and we can taste His blessings and loving kindness.   Our minds can be flooded with the beauty and grace of His Presence.

How Can We Absorb Higher Soul KnowledgeLiliane Aura Ritchie
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