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Accessing  Blissful  Love

Perhaps there are many questions that may have come to your mind when you are going through a crisis, or standing  at a crossroad,  or simply being in your average day to day humdrum state of awareness, such as:

“Why  am  I  here?  Why  all  the  confusion?  Why  the suffering?”

Sages and saintly  mentors  have always  reminded us  that  the  deepest,   most  refined,   most  sacred inner part of us, the part we call our soul, has its unique   divine   origin.   It  was  created   from   the Infinite  One, the Source of all Life, Light, Loving- kindness   and  Mystery   called  the  Creator.   They taught us that our soul is that essential part of ourselves which ever seeks the Presence of the Divine.  It  experiences blissful,  everlasting Love. It can connect us with glorious beauty, truth, oneness,  rapture,  exultation  and  creative  power. It seeks to infuse us with ever deepening  wisdom.


Our  soul  is  our  true  identity.  It  is  the  channel that encourages us to awaken and remember who we are  truly connected with. Our soul patiently waits for us and calls us always from behind the scenes.


There  may have been moments in your life when you were able to attune your mind and heart with your soul. In those blessed flashes of perception, you could begin to behold the great ocean of unknown power, of Love and infinite  potentiality manifesting as Life and  Beauty. This  power has been called by many different names, such as the Infinite One, The Almighty, the All-Merciful One and many others.


In the course of thousands of years, holy men and women, sages, mystics and  prophets, have been blessed  to experience the Eternal Creator  as a Being of eternal love, grace, power, kindness, truth… mystery... It is our destiny and highest calling to perceive and feel this eternal Presence always  there for us, aware of each of us, listening to us, guiding  us with  every  opportunity we give it to communicate with us. We truly can choose to listen and to interact  in trust with this Being of absolute intelligence and perfection. We can begin to sense this staggeringly awesome Power sustaining and aware of every  soul, every consciousbeing and all the myriads of extraordinary, powerful beings of Light infusing the cosmic dimensions of the worlds around us.


Our sages and mystics wondered: “Why were we created?”  “What  is  our  purpose?” They probed again and again in the profound depths of their meditation, seeking to understand the reason and intent for the creation of mankind and of the Universe. And their answer came shining  forth:

“The Eternal, all powerful Supreme One desired to share blissful Love with us, with all created beings.”


We are created in God’s image. Our Creator created  us  with  free  will  to  be  ultimately embraced in blissful love, as well  as returning this love in a magnificent flow of giving and receiving! Our Creator eagerly supports and  sustains each of us through our many experiences here and beyond, until  we  learn to give and receive love in ever increasing joy! We can choose to do this in our daily affairs with the people around us.

We can  let go  of  self  criticism  as  well  as  the criticism of others. We  can forget about  blame, guilt and regret  in our life situations and those of others. We can choose to make our days beautiful with our attention  centered  on  gratefulness and  love for others  and especially for God. We can do this through our unique privilege  of free will. We can begin anew  at  every  turn.  Step by step we learn.


Our doorway to understanding and experiencing the reason of our   existence in this world is through  loving, caring and supporting others, as well as ourselves. 


Have   you  noticed   that  the moment  you begin  to really  appreciate and truly love  someone,  your  life  become   enhanced  with joy  and  aliveness?  Suddenly   you  realize  this  is the most wonderful thing that can happen  to you.

Giving and receiving blissful Love heals you. It connects  you with the heart of the Universe, with all Creation  and with our Creator.

Author: Rebbetzin Liliane Ritchie

Adapted from her book "Masters and Miracles"

accessing blissful love
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