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Birkat Hakohanim – The Priestly Blessings

A Message from 

Liliane Aura Ritchie



These Sacred words of blessings are filled with eternal resources and potential. They were first handed down three thousand and three hundred years ago during times of awesome miracles and divine interventions.  These code words were directly communicated to Moses from the Supreme Almighty One. He was instructed to transmit them to his brother Aaron, the High Priest called the Cohen. Aaron was given the responsibility to extend these words of blessings to the entire Hebrew nation.

On solemn occasions, when the people were assembled in reverent worship, Aaron would extend his hands and pronounce these sacred code words, one by one, with a moment of silence between each word. This unique formula of handing over blessings was passed on to his sons and to his son’s sons, continuing through every generation of priesthood of Kohanim, through the many centuries. Until today, 3300 years later, this formula of blessings is solemnly pronounced by the descendants of Aaron, most often in synagogues and in places of worship, in moments of quiet, deeply focused intent.


You are privileged, even today, to be able to meditate on these code words. You can receive the benefit of these blessings as you join in, in your heart and soul, with the powerful downpour of spiritual energy that has been building up over thousands of years. This energy has been handed down in every generation through this intent of giving and receiving blessings from the Almighty One ~ ~ ~

When we are the open recipients of the ancient blessings of the Birkat Hakohanim we receive more than we realize. Each word is radiating this spiritual energy. Each one has infinite, wondrous meaning. Each soul can receive Light, comfort, guidance, and instructions in its own unique way. Communing with their meaning is an ever-unfolding blessing.


You are presented here with a meditation on each word, so that you may begin to explore their depths and healing impact.

* * * * * * *

Let’s begin now. Breathe deeply and relax. Relax more. And more. Now, imagine you are standing here in the Sinai desert, like standing between Heaven and Earth, with a multitude of people. Now, a powerful sound, like the sound of countless voices, is heard. Somehow, its message reaches the depth of your soul.


YIVOREICHECHA~ You will be blessed

with blessings of all Good showered upon you: Blessings of life and joy, blessings of well-being, happiness, and abundance, blessings of ecstatic delight, Love, and fulfillment ~ ~ ~

ADONOY ~ The supreme Almighty One

the Infinite, all-compassionate One who created the Universe, and is holding all existence into being, through His Love ~ ~ ~ the Supreme One who is sustaining the life-force of every soul with great kindness ~ He is infilling Creation with Light, with beauty, with bliss  ~ ~

VE YISHMERECHA ~ He will protect and guard you

the Almighty One is here for all, protecting and shielding your world in infinite miraculous ways, secretly intervening to prevent global disasters and calamities from falling upon mankind. Your Creator is seeking to guide and protect you throughout all the experiences of your learning process in this world ~ The Almighty Creator is sending you saintly, compassionate teachers and guides that awaken within you, inspiration, inner knowing, and intuitive guidance. They bring you signs and secret miracles in order to help you avoid danger and mistakes and fulfill your life’s purpose in this world ~ Your Beloved One is here to hold your hand and guide your steps with ease and safety ~ ~ ~

YAIR ~ the Almighty One will illumine you.

You are turning toward Him. He will illumine your heart and mind and infill you with heavenly blissful awareness and the gift of true vision.

ADONOY ~ the Infinite One

has decreed at the origin of Creation: “Let there Be Light” And Light came into being. The Light’s mysterious power is Infilling all Creation with brilliant suns and awesome Galaxies. The Presence of Adonoi is calling all living beings to thrive, to rejoice and to grow. This Presence is radiating compassion and Grace to the myriads, forever ~

PANAV ~ His face

blessing you with glimpses of its awesome glory, its breathtaking, supreme beauty ~ ~

His face of all-encompassing Power, and Mastery and creative genius ~ ~

His face is radiating the Light of supreme, universal awareness ~ ~

His face is looking at you, waiting for you to awaken ~ ~ ~

You are overwhelmed by this contact with infinite Light and Love. You are exulting in its goodness. You are standing in utmost wonder.


ELEICHA ~ upon you

May His healing Light and Love penetrate the depths of your being, wherever you are.

VE YICHUNEIKA ~ and He will grace you

You are now embraced in this indescribable state of being, called Grace, that brings joy and well-being to you and to all those around you. This gift is there for you, effortlessly, when you are connected in trust and Love and surrender with the all Compassionate Almighty One. You know you will be treasured, cherished, honored and supported in a myriad ways. You will be finding grace and kindness in all your relationships. You will be making the choices that bring many blessed outcomes. You will stand in wonder, feeling your beloved Creator is taking you by the hand and leading you into pathways of pleasantness and peace.

YISSAH ~ Your whole being will be uplifted higher and higher

The Beloved All Mighty One will forever invite you to ascend higher toward His all-Merciful, infinite Presence. Your heart and mind will be receptive to this entrancing, magnetic pull upward ~

ADONOY ~ the Infinite One

The Blessed One, the Supreme, All-Loving, All-knowing One, Master of Creation is Infilling the Universe with a spirit of ever-resurging and unfolding Life ~ Billions of souls are glowing with the joy of being alive ~ Your Infinite Creator is supporting your world and all the Galaxies with a Power beyond your comprehension. Yet His Presence is so close to you, closer than your breath, lovingly renewing your life at every moment, standing up for you in this world and the world beyond, waiting for you to lift up your eyes and stay close to Him in all ways.

PANAV ~ His face

You remember you are created in His image. As you begin to perceive the awesome, transcendent Light radiating from His face, you realize that all your knowledge and awareness comes from connecting with this mysterious Face. You know you receive Understanding from His mind, Vision from His eyes, Hearing and understanding from His ears, Communication through His words. Love and Bliss from His Heart, energy from His entire being. You know He blows the Breath of Life into you and you are here, a living soul, alive and aware.

ELEICHA ~ Into you

This awesome revelation is entering your heart and soul ever more deeply.



VEYASIM LECHA ~ and He will infuse into you

this knowledge and understanding that penetrates deep into the very core of our being, this awesome quality of:

SHALOM ~ Peace

Peace ~ ~ this marvelous sense of deep,  penetrating quietness, this healing stillness that emanates forth, communicating a sense of harmony and well being ~ blessing the entire surrounding ~  ~

Peace ~ ~ this inner joy and certitude and sense of being protected and loved ~ with a knowing that all living beings are part of a masterful divine plan eventually leading to ultimate fulfillment and eternal bliss.

Peace ~ ~ knowing that all is well after all, with the Protection and loving Guidance and wisdom from the Infinite One who Created all with a masterful purpose in His mind.

Heavenly Peace ~ ~ We are aware that these blessings are bringing joy to all life. We are praying that all people, all nations will receive them. We are sending them forth with the promise from the Supreme One:

~ ~ ”Peace. Peace to the near and far… and I will heal them” ~ ~

Birkat HaKohanim
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