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The Great Mystery

For centuries, intelligent and introspective people have been in a state of wonder when studying the amazing web of connections, and spiritual meanings, of the Hebrew Alphabet, as they are discovering the intricate relationships of the words they form.

These letters were created with their numerical values, according to their sequential order, called Gematria. Ever more connections are being discovered in this gigantic puzzle, which makes it even more challenging. This leaves us confounded, yet with new enticing fields of soul discovery opening up for us.

For instance, one of my favorite connections is this;

Ahavah (Love) adds up to number 13.

Echad (Oneness) adds up to number 13.

The letters Yud, Yeh, Vav, Hey, are expressing the unutterable Name of the infinite Creator of the universe.

These 4 letters alone open up wells of enlightening meaning. These letters add up to 26, which means that:

Love (13) plus Oneness (13) are equivalent to the Presence of the infinite Creator of the Universe (26).


Now there is a number that puzzles and fascinates today’s quantum physicists, for this number reappears in every strata of creation as the ratio that is pertaining to all existence.


What they are studying is a law of creation that rules over the entire Universe, namely, the ratio of the velocity of Light, versus the speed of an electron.

Electronic energy is the force at the foundation of all manifested existence.


This universal ratio of velocity of Light versus the electron is 137 fold.

Now this number 137 happens to be the numerical value (Gematria) of “Kabbalah,” meaning the state of receiving.

The number 137 is also the Gematria of “Ofan,” meaning spinning wheel, or spinning sphere.

So here is one interpretation of all this, in a nutshell:

The infinite fields of electrons that compose creation are in a state of “Kabbalah,” a state of receiving the Light. All the spinning spheres of all the myriad suns of the Universe, are also in a state of “Kabbalah,” receiving their energy from the Light. This Light came into being at the origin of all creation. From this we know that our own life also emerged from this Light.

Another interesting fact about the word “Kabbalah” is about 2 related Hebrew words:

Chochmah (wisdom) the letters add up to 74.

Nevuah (prophetic vision) which adds up to 63.

Both together add up to 137.


One interpretation we can derive from this, is:

As we are being in a state of receptivity (Kabbalah) to divine Light, we can receive wisdom (Chochmah) and prophetic vision (Nevuah).


We are truly blessed to be able to share glimpses of understanding and awareness about these foundations of Creation.


So, now here is my question about all this: “How?” And,

“Why did God create us?”


Our mystics and sages have told us that we are here to learn to love, to give, to support, and to connect in love with our Creator, and with each other.


If you have any answers or insights about all this, please let me know!


The science of Kabbalah is a source of so many more mysteries to unravel!


Rebbetzin Liliane Aura Ritchie, Refuah Institute.


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