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Breath brings life. As it is written in Genesis: “And He breathed His breath into man’s nostrils and he became a living soul.”  


Many times I have been blessed to experience the healing effect that breathing has on us. Deep conscious breathing rejuvenates us and fills us with vibrant energy and awareness. At other times it can cause us to experience deep peace, so deep that we don’t even feel the need to inhale again for a few moments.


In order to comprehend this blessed gift, I wrote to our Creator about it. And as usual, the insights came flowing forth:

Beloved One, Master of Life,

You wish to speak to us through our breath. We receive our breath and inhale it, and fill our being with it. Through the breath we can perceive life, receive it, feel it, enjoy it. Your life of beauty and bliss.

As we sense the Presence of the Divine in our breath, we experience the miracle of life. We may tune in to You through our breath, when we understand its Source, and feel its essence. Through our conscious breath we become a “living soul,” alive with a sense of Your presence.

How I yearn to understand the sacredness of Your Breath, to appreciate it. The magical qualities of Your Life are revealed to us through our breath. We tune in to Your presence as it is flowing in through our breath. We tune in to Your life-giving, healing, all-encompassing Presence. Through the breath we begin to understand the wonder of Your life. You speak to us and invigorate us through our breath.

BreathLiliane Ritchie
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