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Blessing Our Loved Ones

Blessing Our Loved OnesLiliane Ritchie
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Blessing our loved ones allows us to tune in to the ever-compassionate will of our Creator. Blessing our loved ones is holding that will in our heart. When we bless our loved ones, we become a channel for that will, so that it may manifest in the life of our loved ones. We become messengers of the Divine Will. We are conduits of light here on earth.

The Beloved One has designed it this way. He wants us to be co-creators in this world.

We are meant to channel Divine blessings. It is our calling. We are meant to bless our Creator, and our loved ones, and our earth, and all that touches us. Even children can do this.

When we are asked to give a blessing, we may search for words. We may feel clumsy and a bit ridiculous the first time we try. But suddenly the blessings flow out of our lips with ease, joy, and conviction. That is a sign that it is right for us to do this.

We can do this silently. You will be amazed at the results! The people you are quietly blessing will unconsciously pick it up. Their attitude toward you will change. Their thoughts will be softened. Suddenly, they may even like you for no reason! They will be open to your statements, wishes, and love. They may truly love you back more and more. For we are all linked together through our divine connections, and the quickest way to manifest these bonds of love is through blessing with love.

Blessing is the most profound and powerful way to heal difficult relationships. If couples could do this for each other, secretly and separately – or together, for ten minutes a day, their love would be growing deeper each day, their differences would hardly matter. The deeper meaning of their union would reveal itself to them and be honored in their heart. The painful issues between them would be revealed gently, respectfully, lovingly, in a way that honors both of them. For we are here to uplift each other, and the deeper the bonds of true Love, the easier it becomes to inspire each other.

When family or friends get together, they may take turns speaking words of blessings. This would give a whole new feeling to their gathering. It would make it so much easier to express love. We tend to hide and feel embarrassed to reveal our inner loving-kindness in a gathering. But expressing it is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, an engagement, or any other meaningful occasion, or for no reason at all. Some have even made this into a family tradition!

Perhaps, dear reader, you would like to bless your loved ones, but the words do not come easily. So here are a few blessings that you could use. May they inspire you to create many more blessings from your heart.


Here are Words of Blessing for your Loved Ones:

Dear one,

I bless you with the utmost best. I pray that the greatest divine blessings pour down upon you, healing your heart and uplifting your mind, and energizing every cell of your body with new vibrancy. I bless you with divine inspiration – inspiration that brings you spontaneous joy, melodies of the heart that sweep you off your feet, melodies that cause you to dance through everyday events in delightful harmony and love.

I bless you with success: Divine guidance that brings events to work together in perfect synchronicity, resulting in miraculous events that benefit you. I bless you with the inspiration to know how to recognize the signs and follow up on them. I bless you with the self-confidence to listen to the guidance and to act on it. Let it be like a treasure hunt, in joy and delight.

I pray that you may be blessed with inner wisdom. To know what to do with that wonderful new success. To know how to use it for your best benefit. To know how to experience the profound joy of sharing and building new dreams together with others. I bless you that your success may benefit everyone else as well.

I bless you with new, soulful awakenings in joy.

I bless you with a Divine spark that heals and brings peace.

I bless you with deep inner quiet. I bless you with healing thoughts and feelings that dawn on you like the dew of heaven, healing thoughts that are refreshing you.

I bless you with New Revelations coming from the all-loving, Eternal Creator…

I call for you the blessing of Love. Your heart opening wide to its marvelous influx. May it be a ready vessel to hold its sacred elixir.

I bless you with expansion. May you be able to turn your gaze upward to the infinite dimensions of G-d’s creation within and without. May you be able to behold your own infinite potential through your connection with the Divine.

I bless you to wake up every morning with a heart full of Love, and go to sleep at night with gratefulness and joy.

I bless you with at least one new friend every day.

I bless you with the fulfillment of your highest potential.

I bless you… and bless you… and bless you…

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