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Answers from Above: 
Mrs. Ritchie reads exerpts from her book!
Intro to Answers from AboveArtist Name
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You Are Here Answers 196Liliane Aura Ritchie
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Ecstatic AwakeningsLiliane Aura Ritchie
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I Am Here for You, Waiting to Hold Your Hand 195Liliane Aura Ritchie
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A New Light is Coming DownLiliane Aura Ritchie
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The Gift of PeaceLiliane Aura Ritchie
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The Gift of Peace


Beloved Master of Creation,

Feeling so restless! So unfocused. Needing Your Peace. When will I learn? I need your Peace!


* * * ~ * * *

Breathe; relax every part of your body. Just focus on that. You have nothing more important to do, this is the beginning of all accomplishment. Trust that this is the best thing you can do at this time.


Taste the Peace. Feel the Peace. Enjoy the Peace. Own the Peace. It is yours. My Gift to you.

The Gift of Peace that sustains the Universe! My peace unfolds all Creation. All the Angelic Realms. All living creatures. It is through My Peace that life comes into being – the silent, awesome Peace – holding the Galaxies. Foundation of all Creativity,




All Good.

You Belong to Pristine RoyaltyArtist Name
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Engaging New Pathways of JoyArtist Name
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