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 by Liliane Aura Ritchie

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Beloved One, Master of Creation,

Again you graced my life with miracles – Miracles of Light. I have been visualizing your awesome, all-powerful divine Light around the people I love, around those I hold dear -- and suddenly, miracles happen – their attitude changes for the better, their feelings are uplifted, their situations improve. At times I have seen them change their thinking and words in mid-sentence the moment I sent Your healing Light.

What an awesome responsibility this gives me! No more negative thinking allowed! This new healing vision is for real!

Your awesome divine Light will manifest through us, again and again, if we but give it a chance!

Your beautiful infinite Light is waiting to pour down on us… It is waiting to envelop us in showers of stars, ribbons of encircling Light, glowing radiances of delicate hues, vibrant, perfectly synchronized dancing patterns, bubbles of ebullience, pulsating waves of enthralling sweetness. It appears in movements of indescribable beauty and grace, in shining patterns of perfection and precision, in tones of enchantment. Your magnificent Light is waiting to manifest through us, through our vision, a vision filled with love and joy, with faith and trust, with wonder and wisdom…

Beloved Creator, Your wondrous Light is such a blessing… The kind of blessing befitting Your Greatness, Your Imagination, your miraculous Self-Expression.

In Genesis, 1:3 Your very first words pronounced, at the origin of Creation were:

“Let there be Light” “… And there was Light”

Beloved One, Master of Life, I am willing and eager to be Your vessel, holding Your precious substance of Light in my heart, this substance capable of transforming our world of physical and emotional reality.

You created our world through that Light, with that Light, from that Light. That Light is the expression of Your Love. You want us to return to Your Love through our awareness of Your awesome, divine Light.

When our consciousness is filled with Light, Love and Joy we see our world in its original beauty and purpose. We see Your Light permeating every atom of Creation, every human soul, every star and galaxy. We see Your Light sustaining our life and the existence of all things. We see Your Light waiting to be manifested as Love and Joy, Wisdom and Kindness, Creativity and Courage, and much more…

Beloved One, your physical world came forth through your Light. It will manifest its inner Light through our awareness of Your Light.

You want to give us awesome power through our consciousness tuned in with Yours! The Love, Joy, and Wisdom You want to manifest through our heart and our mind is immense. You are waiting for us to manifest these qualities right here and now, in this physical body, so that we may in turn fill our world with Your blessed Light.

We will bless our world through our own decisions toward the Light. Our own free choices.

Blessed are You, Beloved One, for giving us a great destiny in this Creation, and for waiting ever so patiently for us to wake up, so that we may live up to that greatness. Blessed are You for giving us so many more chances, till we are willing to grow, to learn and to expand, till we are willing to Love and to give and receive.

At times we feel like we are walking in darkness. But You will never abandon us in the shadows of our own self-created darkness and ignorance. You are waiting for every opportunity to get through to us, when we are willing to open our hearts in love and trust, in wonder and yearning. You have faithfully kept our blessed planet in balance, as it sails through space, to support our unique form of biological existence. You are constantly pouring Your marvelous life-energies into our planet, to support our vulnerable, delicate life here.

Throughout the millennium You have been vigilantly watching over us, so that we may express Your Beauty and Light in our own unique way, so that we may respond to your Love freely and spontaneously, so that we may receive in joy and give back with delight, so that we may sing with You the sweet melodies of the soul.

Thank You, Beloved One, Master of Creation, for blessing our world with Your Light, for protecting it so faithfully, silently, graciously, modestly, lovingly. Thank You for protecting our world ever so kindly through Your Light.

Let There Be Light - Liliane
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