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Your Own Voice of Hope and Inner Guidance


You may naturally be concerned that inner guidance could just be your imagination. Perhaps your ego is seeking to impress yourself or others. Like most everyone, you have many voices competing for your attention:  Thoughts about the daily chatter, your concerns, the pressing practical decisions before you, your reactions to events, your relationships. How do you differentiate between inspired thinking and all the other thoughts?


If your thoughts are fearful, predicting an awful outcome unless you make a huge overhaul, it’s a pretty good chance that this is not the voice of God. Other thoughts may be self-critical, like telling yourself off for not handling a situation better. Some speak bitter and negative pronouncements about the unfairness of things. When we repeat these thoughts, they continue re-enforcing each other until they become an unmistakable conviction within you. Most of you don’t realize how your negative convictions seem to be truly real only because you entertained them in your thoughts, with your repeated self-talk, for long enough to sound as obvious reality.

As you will see, the voice of Inner Guidance is from a different realm. It has its own Hallmark. It conveys a feeling of confidence and peace. It strengthens you with a sense of being treasured and lovingly held in the care of the eternal Presence that created Heaven and Earth.


It is the voice of your intuitive impulses and inner knowing that is immensely beneficial in every way. We have all heard stories of how it has saved lives. As you sit behind the wheel in traffic, it prompts you to look up and swerve or turn at just the right time. It can affect important decisions that involve your future for many years down the line, decisions made with a sudden understanding and hunch that you did not have before.


Divine Guidance is the voice that prompts you to ask questions about your true identity, your soul, your potential. It flashes glimpses of the secrets of Creation, making you stand in utter awe of the mind-boggling, infinite Universe that surrounds you.


And the most wondrous aspect for you is your own connection with this Guidance, your life line to this Source of Eternal Wisdom. You are forever guided by this Creative Power that sustains you throughout time and eternity. Even though you may not yet understand most of what is happening to you and why, you can rest assured that this Higher Wisdom that masterfully rules the Universe is also capable of watching over you through all your travails, prompting you and encouraging you until you eventually reach your destination.


Consciously or not, you have heard or sensed the voice of Divine Guidance many times before. It is offering you a fresh start after emotional storms. It comforts you after languishing in fears, hurt, anger and depression. It is the voice of hope, joy, good will and positive vision. Often it reveals new ideas, practical steps and decisions that bring success and health. It is the voice that cares for others and finds personal ways to help them. The voice of appreciation toward your loves ones. The voice of ever increasing blessings in Joy.


You can trust in this Voice of infinite Wisdom deep within, waiting to be heard. It reveals itself at times in flashes of intuitive guidance or as a flowing stream of inner knowing that brings a sense of harmony and peace. You only need to pay diligent attention to it and ask for help from the Supreme Source from where it originates.


This Voice is immensely compassionate and understanding for each and every one. It knows who you are, why you are here and where you are going. It knows every detail of your life, personality traits and tendencies. It is the greatest Friend, Companion, Counselor, Coach, Supporter and Cheering Team.


This Voice is the great panacea for establishing peace in your relationships. It is healing you from your hurts and wounds. It is conveying to you a sense of freedom – your worries and fears simply calm down and soon vanish. This Voice is revealing a sense of the Eternal Present, the wonderful supreme, all-knowing Presence supporting you with Life forever.


All this is a very mysterious process connected with the Infinite and Eternal. Our soul’s origin is from the abundant, blissful, creative Love that brought forth the Universe. We are all much greater than we realize. Yet our present awareness prevents us from understanding this. Fortunately, we have it in us to reconnect with our Source of origin, the loving Force behind all Life!  It is always there, awaiting our discovery.


How do we rediscover our Source of Wisdom and all blessings?  It happens through our yearning for it, through our love for all its positive qualities. It happens when you seek to express love and when you support it with action.


You reconnect with this Voice of Wisdom when you listen in deep focus and attention, when you are willing to be open and receptive, in a state of peace and inner quiet. If you aren’t used to doing this, it may take some perseverance to attune with this Voice. Don’t lose hope. You are doing exactly what you need the most. Your communication will emerge and appear from this transcendent and unfathomable Presence that surrounds you always.

Chapter 28 Your Own Voice of Hope and Inner Guidance
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